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Web Site Privacy Policy
by By Staff

We respect your privacy, and if you ever believe that isn't true. Go to the bottom of this page and tell us about it. We want to fix any problems.

Public or Private E-mail addresses

Your e-mail will not be given away to others. You have every right for your e-mail not to appear on any comment you submit. We allow users to post their e-mails on comments, just in case there is some reason that they wish to allow others to reach them easily. Also note that submitting your e-mail with a comment will not sign you up for a mailing list and you will receive no unsolicited e-mail from us if you include your e-mail address in the note. For any e-mail addresses you submit for a mailing list or notification service, we will use this e-mail address only for the purpose stated when you sign up and will not give or sell this address to anyone else. Note that Baseball Primer or Baseball Think Factory promotions or related advertisements may be attached to a mailing, but you will always have the right to remove your name from a mailing list at any time.

Public or Private Comments

Likewise, your comments can either be posted to the web page that they refer to or you can choose to keep them private. We will accomodate you either way.


Cookies are used in several places to ease the filling out of forms. If you repeatedly send comments and you allow us to set a cookie. We will fill out your name and e-mail address for you. We are not tracking your behavior or selling this information to anyone. Cookies, aren't currently but in the future, may be used to get an accurate count for the number of users visiting the site.

Appropriate Comments and Submissions

We ask you to not use vulgarity, profanity or insults in your comments. You are free to disagree (even vehemently) with what we have to say, but we ask that you do so in a respectful manner. Comments will not be deleted for disagreeing with us. They may be removed for the above reasons or if the comment is hurtful, spiteful, libelous, slanderous and really does nothing to move the conversation forward.

Posters may on occasion post using the name and persona of people associated with major league baseball. Such posts are subject to immediate deletion if we feel you are being inappropriate and crossing a line from humor and good taste into slander, libel, etc.

In an effort to curb repetitive comments, we will no longer allow a particular IP to add comments to our articles more often than once every six minutes. We apologize for this policy, but this seems like the best solution to an annoying problem.

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